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Cheetos Munchies Cheese Fix - 262.2 Grams

Cheetos Munchies Cheese Fix - 262.2 Grams

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Enjoy a whole new world of flavors. And we're not talking about the galaxy. A single bag of MUNCHIES® snacks has a flavor combination that’s hard to beat. It’s got 4 type of munchies from 4 different brands in a single pack! The perfect mix of munchies for your mouth.

🌭 Crispy and crunchy

🌭 Very cheesy

🌭 Packed with flavour

Where Is It From?

This product is imported straight from USA.

What Do We Like About This?

This. is a very unique snack. 4 different brands have come together to create 1 pack of Cheesy munchie. It's got Doritos Nachos, Cheetos, Rold Gold Pretzels, & Sun Chips Multigrain Chips. The nachos is so cheesy & packed with flavour, the cheetos is crunchy & cheesy, the rold gold pretzels add a good crunch, & the flavour of sun chips multi grain chips makes it hard to believe it's healty. So if you want a variety of munchies in 1 pack, this one's for you.


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