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SooperFash x ToeSmith

Merry Company On A Terrace Custom Designed Shoes

Merry Company On A Terrace Custom Designed Shoes

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We set out to design a pair of shoes based on one of Jan Steen's paintings - Merry Company On A Terrace. Take a step back into Dutch society while wearing these custom-designed shows, made of high-quality materials & premium print. These were created by our team members who are experts in sketching shoe designs inspired by famous artworks!

✔ Hand-drawn sketch of Jan Steen’s painting Merry Company On A Terrace

✔ Designed by SooperFash for SooperStore, made by ToeSmith

✔ High-quality shoes with high quality print

Where Is It From?

This is made in India.

What Do We Like About This?

This was designed for people who have an artistic or creative side to them. Not only that, since this is a vintage painting, it's sort of for an art connoisseur as well.


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