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Tigers of duality - Happiness & Sadness

Tigers of duality - Happiness & Sadness

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Just because you can't always be happy doesn't mean you have to be sad. Happiness is made of happiness mixed with sadness, but never forget that sadness has a place too. You can embrace both sides of life, no matter what it throws at you, with this Tigers of Duality Oversized T-shirt. If you're ready to balance out life's intensity by celebrating happy times while accepting that there are sometimes difficult ones too - then this is for you. These shirts are designed with meaning in mind - meaning they're not just about fashion; but also show how one can be able to coexist peacefully amidst all of life's dichotomies (including happiness and sadness).

🌟 Designed to showcase your personality
🌟 100% cotton oversized t-shirt
🌟 High-quality print

Where Is It From?

This is made in India.

What Do We Like About This?

This was designed by keeping in mind the balanced duality in life - the happiness & sadness. If you embrace the balance of happiness & sadness in your life, & want to make it a part of your style, this one's just for you.


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